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Method 922.06

Fat in Flour

This method is for the determination of total fat in flour.  This method is also referred to as the "acid hydrolysis" method.  The sample is treated with hydrochloric acid (HCl) and extracted with mixed ethers.  The ether is evaporated to a constant weight and the total fat is determined gravimetrically.


Method Data
Hold Times, Preservatives, Preps, Collection, Analytical & Documentation
Holding Time:   None specified in the method.
Preservatives:   None specified in the method.
Required Preps:   50g of sample in a Glass or plastic bottle with Teflon-lined lid
Collection Method:   Grab sampling
Analytical Methodology:   Gravimetric

Analyte List*
CAS Number
Detection Limit
Total fat

* The analytes and detection limits listed for each method represent the typical detection limits and analytes reported for that particular method. Keep in mind that analyte lists may vary from laboratory to laboratory. Detection limits may also vary from lab to lab and are dependent upon the sample size, matrix, and any interferences that may be present in the sample.