About Keika

What are we? What do we do?

Those are good questions and it's hard to sum up in one tidy, neat sentence. We're Keika Ventures, LLC (KV), a small woman-owned business and probably the easiest category to lump us into would be that of an environmental consulting company. However, we like to call ourselves project integrators. Not familiar with that term? Here's our definition:

Our Philosophy

We are customer focused. We understand your problem because we've been there: in the field, on the stack, in the lab, and in the classroom. We like to think of ourselves as Super Heroes when it comes to customer service. But our real secret to success is that we take your problem and we make it our problem.

pro·ject    in·te·gra·tion

...bringing together the products, equipment, analyses, and training that you need for the successful completion of your project.

Our Bill of “Do Rights”

Keika’s Core Values can be summarized in two words: Do Right.

Follow the Rules.

As an entrepreneurial firm we are rule breakers when it comes to traditional business models. But in terms of the law and striving to make the world a better place we are rule followers, much of our practice is based around helping our clients understand and comply with the rules. This includes the Golden Rule, treat others as you would like to be treated.

Do Right by our Clients.

Without our clients we have no business. They trust us to steer them in the right direction and provide good products, services and guidance. That trust results in long term relationships, repeat business and priceless referrals.

Do Right by our People.

We want KV to be a place where people want to work and enjoy their work. Employees, consultants, referral team members we need them all to deliver our unique set of solutions. We look for people with Integrity, Intelligence, Energy and Passion for the work. Through competitive compensation, healthcare benefits and profit sharing, we share our success with our employees.

Do Right by our Suppliers.

Our suppliers are critical to our success and they need to succeed too. Their businesses are made up of people with families who are counting on us to honor our end of the bargain. Let's make sure that we always do.

We specialize in dealing with complex, multi-faceted environmental projects. Furthermore, we have a truly global presence. Our present client base spans over 100 countries spread across all seven continents and we regularly conduct business in multiple languages. We pride ourselves on our customer service and do our best to find the best possible solutions to fit your needs. If you give us a try, we believe you'll find our assistance invaluable as you let us sweat the details while you're free to focus on critical tasks and pursuing your next projects.

Over 100 Flags

Is your flag missing? We can help fix that.

Your Compliance Connection

Project Integrator Services

From our previous experiences working with analytical labs, environmental consultants, and environmental engineering companies, we noticed the latent need for a "Project Integrator," someone to act as a point person for the client in coordinating all the different support functions for a project. The goal of a Project Integrator is the timely and cost-effective mobilization of equipment, supplies, training and support services to make your environmental project a success. A Project Integrator's role often includes the following:

Products and Equipment
  • Supply of sampling equipment and products, such as personal sampling pumps for industrial hygiene applications to sampling trains for source emissions monitoring applications
  • Supply of sampling cartridges and tubes, Tedlar bags, XAD-2 resin, Tenax and other sampling materials
  • Supply of glassware, from specialty and common laboratory glassware to sample containers and impingers
Support Services
  • Assistance in the definition of the scope of work on customer projects
  • Assistance in compilation and preparation of competitive bids
  • Coordination of the sampling teams and sampling schedule
  • Delivery coordination of sampling equipment and supplies, either to our customers' place of business or directly to a project site
  • Coordination of international shipments of products, equipment, and samples for analysis to make sure they do not get held in customs
Sample Management
  • Assignment of analytical laboratories to perform the work based upon a quality assurance/quality control review of their lab procedures. We have worked with numerous laboratories worldwide whose capabilities range in sophistication from asbestos to high resolution dioxin and PCB analyses.
  • Arrangements for, and the coordination of, the sampling media, bottle kit preparations, and sample recovery kits needed for sampling
  • Shipping coordination of the samples to the appropriate laboratory
  • Status reports of the progress of the projects to appropriate personnel
  • Delivery of the analytical report to clients and resolution of any questions that arise from the delivery of the final package
Online Training
  • Providing training that is compliant with EPA, OSHA, DOT and IATA requirements
  • Delivering courses anytime, anywhere, even in Paducah
  • Customizing courses to fit your specific needs
Red Dots Over America

We'd like you to be one of our red dots.

Your Compliance Connection


Online Compliance Training

We've been offering online training for longer than Amazon has been selling books online. Wha...? Yes, it also blows our minds, but we put our first course online in 1997 (wow! that's 27 years of RCRA Hazardous Waste Management for Generators).

Because we started in the pioneering days of the internet (specifically, the World Wide Web), we found that a lot of our clients needed a little extra help, so we realized early on we would need to provide outstanding customer support. All these years later, we continue to deliver that outstanding customer support, even for those who don't need it.