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Equipment Sales
& General Inquiries

919.933.9569 [Phone, US / Int'l]
919.928.5173 [Fax]

P.O. Box 4704
Chapel Hill, NC 27515

Analytical: Sales & Information

919.933.9569 [Phone, US / Int'l]
919.928.5173 [Fax]

Eduwhere Compliance Training

866.523.9108 [Toll Free, US]

919.246.4847 [Phone, US / Int'l]
919.928.5173 [Fax]


Make a Payment

It's easiest to make payments using the link we sent via email. If you don't have that email, you can always use our Secure Online Payment Center to make a payment (please be sure to tell us what the payment is for).