Method D-3174-04

Standard Test Method for Ash in the Analysis Sample of Coal and Coke from Coal

Ash determined by this method is the residue remaining after burning the coal and coke sample.  Incineration causes an expulsion of all water, the loss of carbon dioxide from carbonates, the conversion of iron pyrites into ferric oxide, and other chemical reactions.  Therefore, the ash obtained differs in composition from the inorganic constituents present in the original coal.  Ash determined by this method will also differ in amount from the ash produced in furnace operations and other firing systems because incineration conditions influence the chemistry and amount of the ash.

There are references for correcting ash results determined by this test method to a mineral-matter-free basis in Classification D 388, Section 8.



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Method Data

Hold Times, Preservatives, Preps, Collection, Analytical & Documentation
Holding Time:   None specified in the method.
Preservatives:   None specified in the method.
Required Preps:   None specified in the method.
Collection Method:   Grab sampling
Analytical Methodology:   Gravimetric

Analyte List*

Analyte Formula CAS Number Detection Limit

* The analytes and detection limits listed for each method represent the typical detection limits and analytes reported for that particular method. Keep in mind that analyte lists may vary from laboratory to laboratory. Detection limits may also vary from lab to lab and are dependent upon the sample size, matrix, and any interferences that may be present in the sample.