Method 5042

Benzene soluble fraction and total particulate (asphalt fume)

This method is for the determination of the benzene soluble fraction and total particulate of asphalt fumes. The sample is collected on PTFE filters and extracted with 3 mL benzene, followed by an ultrasonic bath for 20 minutes. The sample is then analyzed by gravimetry. The working range is 0.14 to 2 mg/m³ for a 1000-L sample. The method is applicable to 15-minute samples. The method was evaluated for asphalt fume; however, it is nonspecific and determines the concentrations of total particulate and the soluble fraction of the total particulate to which a worker is exposed. Therefore, for each sample matrix collected other than asphalt fume, a surrogate standard must be selected and spiked onto sampling media. These spiked samples will be used to determine recoveries, precision, and accuracy, also LOD and LOQ if necessary; moreover, other solvents besides benzene can be evaluated. The particle size of the particulate should be less than 40 µm, and preferably less than 30 µm. If particle sizes are larger than this, another sampler should be used. The total particulate portion of this method is based on NMAM 0500 [1]. Other methods applicable to asphalt fume are NMAM 5800, Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds, and NMAM 2550, Benzothiazole in Asphalt Fume.

(NIOSH Issue 1: 15 January 1998)


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Method Data

Hold Times, Preservatives, Preps, Collection, Analytical & Documentation
Holding Time:   Not determined.
Preservatives:   Not determined.
Required Preps:   37-mm, 2-µm pore size, PTFE membrane filter laminated to PTFE.
Collection Method:   37-mm PTFE membrane filter, 2-µm pore size; 28L to 400L @ 1-4L/min.
Analytical Methodology:   Gravimetry
Documentation:   5042

Analyte List*

Analyte Formula CAS Number Detection Limit
Asphalt fumes

* The analytes and detection limits listed for each method represent the typical detection limits and analytes reported for that particular method. Keep in mind that analyte lists may vary from laboratory to laboratory. Detection limits may also vary from lab to lab and are dependent upon the sample size, matrix, and any interferences that may be present in the sample.